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How to Make Braces Less Noticeable: Why You May Prefer Clear Braces

Braces can feel clunky and uncomfortable, not to mention the unwanted attention you can get when your mouth is filled with metal wires and brackets. Many patients won’t even consider braces because they think metal braces are the only option. With clear braces, your orthodontic treatment at Nasser Children & Adult Orthodontics in Shreveport, LA can be less noticeable and just as effective. If you are already worried about crooked teeth, don’t stress more about traditional metal braces!

How Braces Can Be Less Noticeable With Clear Braces

No matter what issues you have with your teeth, your braces don’t have to be another issue. Our braces options are a great way to straighten your teeth without a mouth full of metal. Don’t pass up the benefits of braces because you are worried about uncomfortable metal wires and brackets.

The benefits of clear braces include:

  • Invisible to the people around you
  • Faster treatment with many options
  • Lighter and more gentle treatment
  • Few to no elastics
  • Fewer need to extract teeth or use palatal expanders
  • More comfort than conventional braces

One of the greatest advantages of an orthodontic treatment that provides braces that are clear is that the invisible brackets or aligners can put you at ease around others. The porcelain brackets of some of our braces are also designed to be smaller and less noticeable, not to mention more comfortable for your mouth.

Will My Braces Be Entirely Clear?

That depends on which braces option you decide to use. Our orthodontist can work with you to help you choose a system that will best help you in your situation. We offer several different types of clear braces to make the process easier for our patients.

Some braces, like aligners, are made entirely from clear material designed to fit snugly against your teeth. Other braces, liked Damon Braces, may use a thin metal wire to decrease straightening time. No matter which option you go with, your braces will be less noticeable and more comfortable.

Fewer Metal Parts

Your braces can go virtually unnoticed with one of our options for clear braces. The clear material is designed to blend in with your teeth and make your smile feel more natural. Color blending allows the clear material to hide and disappear, leaving you with a beautiful smile that attracts positive attention.

The Beauty of Clear Aligners

With options like our clear aligner systems, you won’t even need to worry about brackets. The smooth, clear material of each aligner tray fits right over your teeth, gradually moving each tooth into place over time. Your natural smile comes through with no wires or brackets in sight!

Attaining a stunning new smile doesn’t mean you need to wait forever. Clear aligner braces can straighten your teeth in about a year in many cases, depending on your unique situation. In the meantime, keep yourself smiling with the comfortable, clear aligners that we offer.

6 Clear Braces Options

Depending on the placement of your teeth and how long you will need to wear braces, we offer the following clear aligner or braces solutions:

With both bracket and aligner systems available, we can treat most orthodontic issues with one of our braces options. Don’t stress about filling your mouth with uncomfortable metal wires and scratchy metal brackets. Instead, choose a braces option with clear, comfortable materials that don’t take away from your smile.

1. Why Choose In-Ovation® C

Not only are In-Ovation C braces made with translucent ceramic brackets that blend in with your smile, but the unique technology allows precise control that can speed up treatment time. Share your smile with the world, both while you wear the braces and when your braces treatment is finished. In-Ovation C can give you a stunning new smile without the stress!

2. Discovering Damon™ Clear

The clear brackets are a great option for patients who want braces that are less noticeable. Damon Clear Braces are also designed to give you a straighter smile in less time than the traditional braces would take.

Damon uses the advanced technology of a slide mechanism to connect the wire to the bracket. This system reduces discomfort and gets rid of the need for elastics.

3. The Clear Choice of Clarity ADVANCED™

3M Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces are again made from a translucent porcelain material that provides stability for your smile while blending in with your smile. You can continue to smile with confidence while the technology of 3M Unitek straightens your teeth to give you beautifully straight teeth.

4. The Invisalign® Braces System

The technology of Invisalign Aligners has been around for over 20 years. Each clear aligner gently moves your teeth into place while allowing you to smile without being self-conscious. Hang out with your friends, attend a wedding, or nail that job interview with a smile that stands out in a good way.

Patients also love Insivalign Braces because they are easy to remove. Fewer orthodontist visits are required because the braces won’t need tightening or adjustments. Instead, the trays are replaced every week or so, depending on the placement of your teeth.

5. Red, White, and Blue Aligners for Adults

This system has been created for adults who don’t quite qualify for other aligner tray systems. If you are an adult with minor misalignments, a system like Red, White and Blue braces offers a clear solution. Improve your smile without the need for extensive braces that clutter your mouth.

6. For Minor to Moderate Orthodontic Issues, Try Simpli5

Simpli5 is as simple as it sounds. Each patient receives 5 clear aligner trays per arch. In just 5 movements, you can have beautifully straight teeth with the advantage of clear materials. If needed, a clear refinement aligner is provided.

AcceleDent®  for Faster Treatment Time

If you are concerned about how braces will affect your social life, you can also consider AcceleDent. Aside from wearing clear braces so you’ll draw less attention to your treatment, you can also shorten your treatment time considerably. Ask us about our AcceleDent option and how it can affect the amount of time you wear your braces.

Other Ways to Draw Attention Away from Your Braces

1. Try Clear Aligners or Braces

The first choice you can make is to choose braces that won’t unwanted attention to your mouth. Whether deciding on porcelain brackets that blend with your smile or the clear comfort of aligner trays, your orthodontic treatment will be hardly noticeable!

2. Draw Attention Somewhere Else

Do you like sparkly eye shadow? Tie-dye shirts and neon shorts? Big earrings or blue hair? Go with that. Do something fun that attracts the kind of attention you want and not the kind of attention that makes you feel uncomfortable.

3. Keep Your Mouth Super Clean

When wearing braces of any kind, make sure you take good care of your teeth. Brush after every meal, floss, and go see your dentist for dental cleanings every six months. Whether you are wearing brackets or trays, all braces can get cluttered with food debris that you might not want to show up in your smile.

4. Stay Away from Certain Types of Food and Drink

Drinking or eating darkly pigmented foods can stain not only your teeth but your braces too. Steer clear of foods like coffee, grape juice, curry, and dark mustard. You’ll also want to avoid licorice, popcorn, taffy, and other foods that can get stuck in your brackets. Keep your braces clean and clear!

Another Way to Make Braces Less Noticeable

Another great tip for making your braces less noticeable is to practice getting used to them. Even with aligners, finding comfort in your smile can help you feel more confident in your daily routine.

Sit in front of your mirror and smile. Go ahead! Sometimes just looking in the mirror and smiling can help you realize that your braces don’t really draw bad attention. Smiling can also help you feel better about yourself and about your smile.

Thinking of Skipping Braces Altogether?

Many patients don’t like the idea of having to wear braces, especially young patients. We want our patients to remember that the end result of braces is always worth the effort. But the days and weeks fly by even faster when choosing one of our accelerated braces options.

Remember, braces can help you:

  • Feel more confident in your smile
  • Straighten overbites, underbites, and crossbites
  • Improve the functionality of your bite
  • Correct serious issues that could cause bigger problems down the road

If you are worried about wearing braces, please talk to us! We want to show you how easy it can be to straighten your teeth using clear brackets or aligner trays. Visit our friendly and comfortable office for a consultation on how we can help you improve your smile.

Let Go of the Worry

Wearing less prominent braces can help you feel better about your smile during treatment, but they can also take away some of the stress of metal braces. Not only will your smile be less noticeable, but you’ll think about your braces less.

Aligner trays can also take away some worry because you won’t need special dental tools to take care of your teeth. You’ll also have more freedom with what you eat. If you play sports, think about an aligner system so you won’t have to worry about damage to your braces during games.

More Comfort In Your Smile and Your Mouth

Not only do clear aligners and braces add to your confidence by helping your braces blend in with your natural smile, but they also feel more comfortable physically. For instance, Clear Braces Damon utilize a rounded design to reduce mouth sores and discomfort.

Aligner trays are made from smooth material that causes little to no discomfort. Without brackets and wires to worry about, your mouth can feel just the same as it always does. Not to mention your friends may not even notice your braces!

Are You Getting Ready for Pictures? Our Braces Can Help

Nobody likes to stand out in a negative way, especially for a picture. For teens who are starting a new school year, clear brackets or aligners can give you a beautiful photo without showing metal braces.

For adults who are attending a wedding or getting married, you want your photos to be beautiful! Ask about our options for clear aligner trays to find out how your photos can show off your gorgeous smile!

Get Ready to Improve Your Smile for Life

Are you ready to start wearing clear braces that can give you a dazzling new smile? Contact Nasser Children & Adult Orthodontics in Shreveport, LA to schedule a consultation. Your straighter, more confident smile is just around the corner!

Discover Your Smile’s Potential