Frequently Asked Questions

Is it required that my family dentist schedule my appointment with the orthodontist?

No, it is not. Many of our patients are referred by their family dentist, yet many other patients take the initiative to schedule an examination themselves.

Are clear braces as effective as metal braces?

Yes, clear braces are equally effective in straightening teeth and correcting bite issues.

Do you use recycled braces?

Absolutely not! Each patient is provided with their own braces to achieve the best orthodontic result possible.

Are metal braces the only option for orthodontic treatment?

No, metal braces are not the only option for orthodontic treatment. There are other alternatives available, such as clear braces and Invisalign.

Are metal braces uncomfortable?

Initially, there may be some discomfort as your mouth adjusts to the braces, but advancements have made them more comfortable than before.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth.

How long does Invisalign treatment usually take?

The duration of Invisalign treatment varies depending on the complexity of the case, but it typically ranges from 6 months to 1 year.

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a device that can be used with braces or Invisalign to accelerate the teeth straightening process.

Does AcceleDent cause pain?

No, AcceleDent does not cause pain.

Can I drop my child off for an appointment?

Yes, you can drop off your child for their appointment. However, we may need to speak with parents before the appointment, so please check in with the receptionist beforehand.

What to Expect

During the initial examination, we will determine if there is an orthodontic problem and provide a clear understanding of the specific issue at hand. We will then outline a recommended treatment plan, explaining the steps involved in correcting the problem and providing an estimate of the treatment duration. Additionally, we will discuss the cost of the treatment, available financial options, and payment plans to help you make an informed decision.

What to Eat

Once your orthodontic treatment begins, we will provide you with comprehensive instructions on what foods to avoid. It is recommended to steer clear of certain items such as ice, hard candy, raw vegetables, and sticky foods like caramel and taffy. By being mindful of your food choices, you can minimize the risk of emergencies or damage to your braces. We prioritize your comfort, and our instructions will help ensure a smooth orthodontic journey.