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What Is an AcceleDent Device?

Are you looking for a way to decrease the amount of time you have to wear braces to straighten your teeth? Well, you’re in luck, because AcceleDent can move your teeth up to 50% faster than with braces alone. This device, which is offered through Nasser Orthodontics in Shreveport, LA, is FDA approved to safely accelerate tooth movement so you can get the smile of your dreams more quickly than you thought possible!

What Is an AcceleDent Device?

The AcceleDent device is a Class II dental device that has received clearance from the FDA to use cyclic force and soft pulse technology to move your teeth. It is a therapy that, when combined with traditional orthodontics, can move your teeth as much as 50% faster than using metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign alone. Introduced in 2012, this device can get you out of braces in as little as six months, with less discomfort along the way.

How It Works

This accessory orthodontic device consists of an activator and a plastic mouthpiece that gently vibrates using its proprietary SoftPulse technology. You simply put the mouthpiece in your mouth, bite down, and let the device do its job. The force that applies to your teeth is how bone remodeling (tooth movement) occurs, so the pressure of the braces in combination with the vibration of this device work to speed up the cellular response that causes bone remodeling.
The device exerts less pressure on your teeth than an electric toothbrush and 200 times less than the normal force of chewing. It relieves the pressure on your braces and instead uses its gentle pulses to move your teeth. During treatment, you’ll still have to visit your orthodontist about as often as you would with braces or Invisalign alone, but the movement of your teeth between visits will be greater, resulting in a shorter overall treatment time. With Invisalign, you’ll be able to change trays faster as well.
We use the Acceledent Aura model, which adds light to the vibration of the device to increase the cellular response to the force of braces and the pulses of the device. The combination of all three – force, light, and vibration – means you’ll be able to get your braces off sooner than if you used braces or Invisalign by themselves. You’re unable to get this device without a prescription from a licensed orthodontist, as it’s not an over-the-counter item.

Using the Device

The AcceleDent device is simple to use, which means you’re bound to use it as directed to ensure you get the results you want. You put the mouthpiece in your mouth, making sure the teeth make contact with the mouthpiece on all sides. Turn on the activator by pressing the power button (the LED will turn green) and let go of the device. It should be held in place by your teeth and not by your hands.
Since you don’t have to use your hands while you’re getting treatment, you’re free to multitask as you wear the device. You can surf on the web, watch television, or do the dishes. No matter what you do, it’ll make the time of your treatment seem to go faster, even though you only need to use it for 20 minutes per day. The device’s FastTrac Usage Report will keep track of the time you use it to hold you accountable.
Care is simple as well, since you just have to make sure it’s fully charged so that you can use it for your daily designated treatment time. If it needs to be charged, the LED light will flash orange and you just need to plug it in using a wall charger or your computer. Remove the mouthpiece from the activator before each use to rinse it with warm water and brush it every so often with toothpaste or mild soap.


This device is completely safe and has been approved by the FDA as a Class II medical device. Most medical devices that are for patient use are classified as Class II, including power wheelchairs and pregnancy test kits. As such, you’ll be able to use the device without suffering any adverse effects. In fact, not only is the treatment painless, but it may actually reduce the sensitivity and discomfort that can occur with braces, especially when they’re tightened.

The Ideal Candidate

Nearly everyone who wants to accelerate the results they get from braces or Invisalign can use this device to successfully speed up their treatment time. Of course, the actual time it takes to get the results you desire is dependent on several factors, including your specific dental issues, your adherence to the treatment plan, and how your teeth respond to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Have to Use the Device For the Full 20 Minutes?

Yes. Your treatment plan will be to wear AcceleDent for 20 minutes each day. If you do not follow this schedule, you may end up having to wear braces longer anyway because you won’t have given the device enough time to work its magic.

2. Can You Use It for Longer Than 20 Minutes?

It is not recommended to use your device for longer than the prescribed time of 20 minutes per day. This is because studies have shown that increasing treatment time beyond 20 minutes does not translate in any additional accelerated teeth straightening. If there’s no benefit, there is no reason to use it longer than necessary.

3. Should You Keep In Your Aligners When Using the Device?

While you don’t have to keep in your Invisalign aligners while using the device, it might be a good idea. Wearing your aligners while biting on the device’s mouthpiece will make sure you are putting pressure on the correct points on your teeth.

4. How Much Pressure Should You Use When Biting the Mouthpiece?

You should only put as much pressure on the mouthpiece as it takes to hold the device in place without using your hands. You should not be clenching your jaw or putting excessive pressure on the mouthpiece, as this will only cause additional wear.

5. Can You Use the Device In the Shower?

Yes, the device is waterproof and can be used in the shower. In fact, this is a perfect time to use the device, since you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. However, the Aura model is not waterproof and should not be used in the shower.

6. Can the Device Be Shared?

AcceleDent is a prescribed device that should not be shared with another person, even if you sanitize it. Your orthodontist approved this device for you to use according to your individual treatment plan. Not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment, so use without the supervision of an orthodontist could cause adverse effects on someone else’s teeth.

7. Can You Use the Device While Sleeping?

It is not recommended that you use the device while sleeping, primarily because you’ll likely use it for longer than the prescribed 20 minutes. Additionally, your teeth may not stay firmly in the mouthpiece, making the treatment ineffective.

8. Can You Use the Device While It Is Charging?

You should not use this device while it is charging, whether it is charging by your computer or through a wall charger.

9. Can You Interrupt a Treatment If Needed?

Yes. You can interrupt a treatment up to six times, no more than five minutes at a time. If you interrupt it a seventh time or your interruption goes longer than five minutes, you will need to complete a full 20-minute session.

10. What If the Activator No Longer Works?

The activator is scheduled to deactivate after 18 months of daily 20-minute treatment sessions. If you are still wearing braces at that time, you’ll need to talk to your orthodontist about the next steps. If it stops working during your treatment plan, and the LED flashes orange and green, contact your orthodontist to troubleshoot why it has stopped working.

11. Can You Use the Device 10 Minutes Before and 10 Minutes After An Orthodontics Appointment?

Even though you will get the best results if you use the device for 20 continuous minutes, some patients have reported that wearing the device for 10 minutes just before an orthodontics appointment and 10 minutes immediately following an appointment can relieve some of the discomfort related to braces tightening.

12. Is the Same Mouthpiece Used for the Entire Treatment Plan?

In most cases, you will only use one mouthpiece for the duration of your treatment. However, in some cases, your orthodontist may switch out mouthpieces if your bite significantly changes.

13. Can the Device Remind Me to Use It?

No. There is no mechanism currently available that allows the device to remind you to use it. It is suggested you incorporate its use into your daily oral hygiene routine to create a habit. Until the habit is ingrained, we suggest setting a reminder or alert to use it on your phone.

14. How Often Will You Need to Recharge the Device?

AcceleDent is designed to last three days on a single charge. However, if the LED turns orange, you should put it on the charger to make sure it will stay charged for a full 20-minute session.

15. Can the Mouthpiece Be Washed in the Dishwasher?

No. In fact, if you place either the activator or the mouthpiece in the dishwasher, your warranty will be voided. Only toothpaste or mild soap should be used to clean the mouthpiece, and the activator should only be wiped down with a damp cloth. The activator’s metal contacts can be cleaned with cotton swabs if necessary. Make sure the activator and mouthpiece fully air dry before placing them in the travel case.

16. Is the Device Covered by Insurance?

In general, insurance will not cover this device, but if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you might be able to use your funds to cover at least a portion of the cost. You should check with your HSA or FSA administrator at your employer to determine coverage.

17. Can You Travel With the Device?

Yes. The device is portable and will be allowed on an airplane if the battery is properly stored. Check with your airlines before heading out to the airport to ensure you store the device’s battery correctly.

18. Is Use of the Device Painful?

No. There is no pain involved with using the device. You will only feel a gentle vibration that is similar to an electric toothbrush. You may even find that using this device can make your orthodontics adjustments less painful, especially if you use it immediately before and after your appointment.

19. Can I Buy the Device On My Own?

No. The device is only available through a licensed orthodontist or dentist and cannot be purchased without a prescription. Do not purchase any used devices from third-party websites as they are not designed for your treatment plan and may not operate for the full time necessary.

20. Can You Use the Device If You’re Midway Through Braces or Aligners?

It is possible to add this device to your treatment plan, even if you’ve been in braces for several months, but all cases are different. Check with your orthodontist to make sure this is an option for you. For some patients, it might be better to just finish out your course of treatment with braces or aligners alone, especially if you only have a few months left.

How to Qualify for the Device

To qualify for the AcceleDent device, you’ll need to have an examination to ensure you are in good general health and that your teeth are healthy enough to move. Some medications can slow down tooth movement, so during your examination, be sure to disclose any medications you’re currently taking. At your consultation, your orthodontist will determine if this device will be able to help your teeth move faster. That’s all you need to do to find out if you qualify.

Next Steps

The next step for you to take is to schedule an appointment to determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment. Contact our experts at Nasser Orthodontics in Shreveport, LA to book your consultation and let us help you accelerate your gorgeous smile!

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